Contact information and email addresses of relevant USCIS offices for OH AILA members


1240 East Ninth St., #501

Cleveland, OH 44199




50 West Broad St., #306

Columbus, OH 43215



550 Main St., #4001

Cincinnati, OH 45202




1099 N. Meridian Street,

10th Floor

Indianapolis, IN 46204




601 West Broadway, # 390

Louisville, KY 40202

Meeting with Columbus USCIS on February 24, 2016

USCIS in Columbus has invited AILA members to a meeting on February 24, 2016, at 4:00 p.m.  Field Office Director Stephanie Reither and District Director Mark Hansen are hosting the meeting at the USCIS office.  The meeting will include a brief presentation by USCIS, followed by questions and answers.    Please direct questions and issues you would like USCIS to address to Dave Cook  at before Friday, February 19.  Also, USCIS has asked for an estimate of the number of attendees so please RSVP to Dave if you plan on attending.

Training Videos – Ohio Custody Orders for Immigrant Children and How to File an Asylum Claim for Immigrant Children

Catholic Charities Dioceses of Cleveland, Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Ohio AILA, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Clinical Programs, and the Ohio State Bar Association have partnered to create training videos for attorneys who are willing to assist immigrant children pro bono, but who may not be experienced in immigration law.

The webinars below were originally aired as quick webcasts for continuing legal education (CLE) credit by the Ohio State Bar Association on the dates indicated. In the videos, you will see prompts to obtain CLE credit. Please note that CLE credit is no longer available for these webinars.

Webcast originally aired October 5, 2015:

Ohio Custody Orders for Immigrant Children

This webcast will explain best practices for obtaining custody of an immigrant child by someone other than a parent, or by one parent. When an immigrant child is seeking protection under Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) the custody order must contain special language in order to be accepted by USCIS. These requirements will be discussed as well as arguments supporting why the person seeking custody of the child needs an order to effectuate necessary tasks such as school enrollment, consent for medical treatment, and obtaining a passport.


  1. OSBA Custody Slides


Webcast originally aired October 16, 2015:

How to file an Asylum Claim for a Child in Removal Proceedings

This webcast will explain which forms must be completed to file an asylum claim for a child in removal proceedings, where to file the forms, examples of what should be included as supporting evidence, and how long adjudication normally takes. This webcast does not include discussion on how to argue for a particular social group in your asylum claim. It is highly recommended that you seek other webinars or consult with experienced practitioners on how to argue for a particular social group before you submit your asylum application.


  2. Table of Contents for Materials
  3. Appendix Q – ICE Instruction Sheet for UAC Asylum Applicants
  4. AILA doc
  5. OSBA Slides How to File an Asylum Application for Children in Removal Proceedings


We encourage you to view these webinars in conjunction with the additional resources listed below. Representing immigrant children can be complicated, but there are many free resources available to help you.

If you are interested in taking a pro bono case for an immigrant child in Ohio, please contact Catholic Charities at 216-939-3735.

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